Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir

We are gratefully appreciating Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir for his outstanding performance at our University for this month. He is one of the staff members and head of Medical Laboratory Science department, college of Health and Applied Science. He has completed his works with the efforts and in a fully academic manner with cooperation from the committees, group teams, classes and activates.

Further for his position of being a Chair of medical laboratory Science at Charmo University, Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir has actively continue on organizing of several workshops, seminars and other activities. Dr. Sabir was organizer and a speaker of the Transfromative Learning Workshop with Dr. Jeff King from University of Central Oklahoma- USA and Ms. Kaziwa Salih from University of Sulaimani which was held at Charmo University. Dr. Sabir was also coordinator and also a speaker of ICNS2018-Biotechnology conference which was held at RAMADA hotel in Sulaimani on May, 2018. Moreover, Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir has recently invited Dr. Bahman Rostamni from University of Cardiff/ UK to run three days workshops on R- program at Charmo University on October, 2018.

Charmo University Precedency has special gratitude for Mr. Dana Khdr Sabir and hope to be continuous from that co-operation and generating scientific development.