Mr. Muhannad Abdul-Elah Aziz

The council of Charmo University expresses gratitude to Mr. Muhannad Abdul-Elah Aziz for his outstanding performance at our university last month. He is a member of our teaching staff who heads the sports activity department in our university. He has distinctively accomplished his tasks and sports activities in cooperation with his colleagues.

Furthermore, Mr. Aziz saves no effort to create external links between our university and other universities and academic establishment via participating in sports activities and competitions held at the level of universities in Kurdistan region of Iraq, as well as the organization of sports championships in the city of Chamchamal. It is pleasure to list briefly the most important activities he had a vital role in:

1 - Organizing the Chamchamal Bodybuilding Championship which was not restricted to the students of our university only, but also all the players in the city of Chamchamal. It was the first championship of its kind to be held in this city. This event had actually been foregrounded by holding a football championship participated all educational institutions in the city of Chamchamal.
2 - Organizing five table tennis tournaments for male students; four of them at the level of the seniors of the university and one for the other stages. In addition, Mr Aziz organized three similar tournaments for female students at different stages.
3 - Organizing the university chess championship for male and female students
4 - Organizing the university football championship for male students.
5 - In addition to the administrative work, Mr. Aziz has been active academically. He has published (7) papers in well-reputed journals: (6) as an individual author, and (1) joint; also, he presented a number of seminars dealt with physical education.
6 - Through being the admin of the university site of (sport center), Mr. Aziz had a significant role in increasing the number of visits to the official site of the University throu