Scientific cooperation between Charmo University and some European Universities

On 16 January 2018, Dr.Baram AHMED )Vice-president of Charmo university) invited by Department of organic chemistry through ( Dr.Gerard Drager, responsible of academic relation of the faculty of Natural science) in Hannover university in Germany, the main purpose of his visit was to enhance scientific relation and exchange Ph.D.& M.Sc. students and realizing new researches together. During his visit he did a special survey of some medicinal plants by Scopus program and ULC analysis of one of them, on Monday 22 Jan 2018, He hold a meeting with dean deputy and head of the organic chemistry department- Professor Dr.Krishning- they discuss some necessary steps for the Ph.D. and M.Sc. researches and analysis of samples also split side Ph.D. and scholarship program has been argued. He participated in a Ph.D. discussion and A Nano -meeting in the nanotechnology dept.

On Thursday 25th Jan . 2015, Dr.Baram visited ELTE university ( Eotvos Lonard University) which it is one of important in Budapest, He warmly welcomed by Dr.Tamas responsible of scholarship program and a well-known friend to Kurdistan PEOPLE and ( Dr.Sardi) new responsible of International office of the university, they change more idea about how can we cooperate especially they urge us to send Msc and Ph.D. students by applying 30 scholarship of Hungarian government that announced by our Ministry of higher education official website.

On the same day He welcomed by the deputy dean and head of Erasmus program of Horticulture faculty of the university of Szent Istvan, they promised to do more scientific relation in the future.