Dr. Youssef Goran urges Kurdistan universities to implement Bologna Process

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region Dr. Yusuf Goran, urges the universities to implement the system (Bologna Process) like the universities of (Charmo and Zakho) and emphasizing that their application contributes to solve many problems in universities.

During the meeting, the presence of advisor to the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Amang Said, the President of the Charmo University Dr. Saleh Reza, and Dr. Lazgin Abdi have been attended which is considered one of the most important educational systems in the world and applied in many developed countries. Besides, a presentation was presented on how the system was implemented at the University of Charmo and Zakho by Mr. Shakhawan Hars Wadi who represented as a lecturer of the Charmo University and he has focused on the success of the initial stages of the system.