Charmo University Council has announced the following vacant positions of directorate managers:
1. Directorate of Work Center.
2. Directorate of Health and Safety.
3. Directorate of Quality Assurance.
4. Directorate of Media and Art Activities.
5. Directorate of Dormitory.
6. Department of Scientific and Higher Education in the Directorate of Scientific, Higher Education and Academic Relation Affairs.

Who is wanted to apply the vacant positions should have the conditions bellow:
1. Holding Master Degree.
2. Have Scientific Name as (Teacher Assistant).
3. Know English Language very well.
4. Skillful in using Computer.

• The applicant can apply for two positions and send their C.V to this email (
• The applicant for the dormitory directorate manages should hold B.A.
• Apply will be available until (1/5/2018).
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