Charmo university induction day ceremony for beginning new academic year 2018-2019

On 9th Sep 2018 in Bani Maqan campus Charmo university held a ceremony. In this ceremony Mr. Azad Muhammad Amin president of Sulamani province council, Mr. Ramk Ramazan, Chamchamal lieutenant governor, Mr. Salih Faqi a delegation of Kurdistan parliament; Dr. Kawa representative of president of university of Sulamani, representative of different political parties, some other characters and the manager of state organizations attended. The ceremony started with reciting some verses of Holy Quran, then a minute standing for the peaceful souls of Kurdistan Martyrs. Following that Professor Dr. Salah Raza Saeed, president of Charmo University, greeted the guests and he talked about Charmo university development during the past four years and its massive steps for opening a new college, Language Centre and Genocide Research Centre. Furthermore, he thanked all the staff of Charmo University teachers and employees. A piece of music was performed in the later part of the ceremony by Shorish Youth Centre. Then a tae-kwon-do performance was shown to the audience by Charmo university tae-kwon-do team. The ceremony ended with slicing the university cake from the guests.