Charmo University held a workshop to all state and private universities

On 12th December, 2018 with the presence of Dr Yousif Goran, minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Charm University with cooperation of ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research held a workshop to all state and private universities in Kurdistan on Implementation of Bologna process at Conference Hall, Sheraton Hotel-Arbil.
At the beginning of the ceremony, minster of higher education said it was remarkable to implement Bologna practice in Charmo university. The other universities, on the other hand, were required to pursue the same process. He eventually proclaimed, with the support of Kurdistan government and ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, that Bologna system will be approached.
Subsequently, president of Charmo university Professor D. Salah Raza Saeed presented a seminar about the importance of this process in both English and Kurdish language. Dr Salah Raza despite of lack of staff and economic crisis in Kurdistan region, Charmo university was the first university which applied this process successfully with the help of our teachers, employees and ministry of higher education in 2017.
After that Mr. Shakhawan Hars Wadi; a lecturer at Charmo University; held a significant seminar about the implementation of this process in detail and its significance internationally as well as, Charmo’s university successful application of this process.
At the end of the workshop, which took five hours, an opening debate was held to all of the presidents and lecturers of the universities. Within the debate, many different advantages and disadvantages of this process were highlighted and all the questions were answered. After appreciating its effort, the others universities demanded help from Charmo University to implement this process in their education system.
Bologna process is an international system that is applied in many international universities. Initially, it was followed at Bologna university in Italy. And among the other universities, Charmo was the first recognized University to use this new approach, and English Language is the standard language there…