a scientific contest has under the title (Best Presenter Contest-2019)

On 5th May 2019, Holding a scientific contest among some students from various departments of Charmo University, which included (Applied Computer, English Language, MLS, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Applied Physics, Public Administration, Oil, Energy and Gas Management). Each contestant participated with a scientific seminar which was presented in English under the supervision of (Dr. Waleed Khalid Al-Hadban), the president of scientific committee of Medical and Applied sciences.

The result of the contest was as the following:
1. Renas Othman Mohammed MLS department
2. Laveen Selah Omer Applied Computer Department
3. Naz Mohammed Mahmood Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department

1. Dr. Gelas Abullah Isma'eel
2. Dr. Rawand Noori Jaff
3. M. Lana Rizgar Kamal

1. Renas Othman Mohammed at department of Medical and Laboratory Science
2. Laveen Selah Omer at department of Applied Computer
3. Naz Mohammed Mahmood at department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
4. Paiwand Shamal Othman at department of Applied Physics
5. Hersh Tahir Hama Ghareeb at department of Public Administration
6. Khawen Najim Taha at department of English Language
7. Mohammed Mawlood Ahmed at department of Oil and Gas Management