List of NEWS

The MicroTic training course


WAN company for networking technology and monitoring system opens a microTic course for the Charmo University students - Computer department in Chamchamal.
.. Read More

The directorate of health and safety has held a training course


On July 29th, Mr. Kochar Idrees Mahmood the manager of health and safety of university has held a training course on the managing and working safely... Read More

The 3rd International Conference of Natural Sciences (ICNS2018)-Mathematics and Computer was held


ICNS2018-MC was held on 19,July, 2018 on Ramada Hotel in Sulaimani… Read More

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program for Iraq for 2018


CHU member; Chnoor Muheden Rahman; participates in the program Read More

Academic Calendar announcement


CHU council has announced the starting date for new academic year for 2018-2019 Read More

Charmo University Offers Scholarship to Poland, France and Iran


Charmo University is offering undergraduate placements in Kurdish and Arabic languages for the next academic year 2018-2019 Read More

Charmo University Has Signed An Agreement Of Mutual Understanding With an Iranian University - IASBS in Zanjan


The supervision of president of Znjan University came to sign an agreement of mutual understanding with Chramo University Read More

Ibrahim Hamad; a lecturer from Charmo University; has been Published his paper on Springer Nature (Scientific Reports Top 100 2017)


His research considered as the best Scientific Reports, was published in “Nature Springer Nature” Read More