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Charmo University has announced the directorate managers vacant positions... Read More

Vice President Dr. Baram Ahmed participated in the Inauguration Office


Vice President Dr.Baram Ahmed participated in the Inauguration of the international KCSS office ... Read More

Delegation of Kurdistan Region Universities has been welcomed by President of Groningen University


As part of the EU Erasmus program, delegations from Kurdistan Universities were welcomed warmly by the Groningen University president. Read More

Dr. Youssef Goran urges Kurdistan universities to implement Bologna Process


Dr. Yusuf Goran urges the universities to implement the system (Bologna Process) like the universities of Charmo and Zakho... Read More

Masaryk University In Czech Republic Welcomed Kurdistan Region Universities


Charmo University president Dr. Salah Raza Saeed with Salahaddin University president Dr. Ahmed Dezaye have seen Vice President of Masaryk University... Read More

Kurdistan Universities Delegation At Czech Republic, Netherland, and Belgium


Dr Salah Raza Saeed , Dr Ali Wahab Kareem, and Dr Shelanah Salih were participated in the Erasmus program Read More

Dr Baram Ahmed Participated in a Conference


Dr Baram Ahmed Vice President of Charmo and Dr.Nicola Ashraf have participated in a Conference... Read More

Scientific cooperation between Charmo University and some European Universities


On 16 January 2018, Dr.Baram AHMED )Vice-president of Charmo university) invited by Department of organic chemistry through ( Dr.Gerard Drager, responsible of academic relation of the faculty of Natural science) Read More