VPS Office

Welcome to the webpage of the Vice President for Scientific affair (Academic) Office of Charmo University

Our office is responsible for the overall leadership and coordination of the Charmo University academic activities. The goal of our office is to enable the university to be recognized as one of the most distinguished public universities in Kurdistan through supporting excellence in education and scientific researches. The major role of the office is to align activities, operations, budget, policies, and administrative structures with the academic mission, strategic priorities and plans, and our frameworks Teaching and Learning, Research and Public Engagement. We work in conjunction with the University President office, College Deans, and other academic directorates of the University to advance the academic programming, teaching and learning, scientific research, and university-community engagement mission of the University. The office is providing and monitoring Teacher Quality Assurance (TQA) regulations, therefore we are committed for fostering an environment of academic excellence and innovation for the students, faculty, and staff. In addition, we foster a welcoming and diverse learning, teaching by championing equity and diversity across the University campus. We are also working to enhance and influence the intellectual, economic, social, and cultural capacity and development of Chamchamal and the surrounding regions.

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  • Name:Karzan Rafiq Sidiq
  • Email:karzan.sidiq@charmouniversity.org
  • Mobile number: (+964) - 7725212968

    VPS Office:
  • Email:vps.office@charmouniversity.org
  • Mobile number: (+964) - 053 897 3356