President Message

Welcome to Charmo University, the most recent public university in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq; founded in (Dec. 8th 2014). It is a great honor to be appointed as the founding President of the university, and hard for me to imagine anything more exciting than creating a new university, especially in a country like Kurdistan region of Iraq which has undergone many difficult historical stages: war, genocide, economic and political crises and instability.

The creation of a new university provides a unique opportunity to design something special, contemporary, and vibrant for the present and for the future. We are working towards the success of the students in education and in life. In undergraduate programs we focus on providing the broad foundation skills in all fields, such as; thinking critically and constructively, identifying and solving problems, and communicating well, as well as selective, high-quality postgraduate programs to fit with the requirements of our region, both as a point of access to higher education for students and as partners in economic, culture and social development. We prepare teachers who guide our children, the business leaders and politicians who propel our economy and manage our country. I encourage you to visit our website regularly to become better acquainted with the developments at CHU, our achievements and plans, our growing infrastructure of new buildings and facilities, and, above all, realizing our mission and vision. Education and technology both are essential to the countries well being. These fields offer enormous intellectual challenges and opportunities as well as an unparalleled occasion to impact and lead practice in Kurdistan, the region and the world. Charmo aims to create a new type of technically-grounded leader and inventor, one fully equipped to address the challenges and issues of today and tomorrow. I look forward to attracting and working as with faculty, staff and students to build self-dependent and achieve its dreams: through a collective effort and team work , develop pioneering curriculum and research, inspire young minds, and create great opportunities to become an intellectual hub and an engine of growth for Kurdistan and Iraq.

Charmo University is aimed to be an open university in every sense. Based on that aim, we have promoted constant reforms in order to create a flexible education and research organization, as well as a new university system that would meet the needs of the next generation. Universities, in general, are required to contribute to society through education and research activities Charmo University’s location is rich with natural resources such as; oil , gas and metals which is regarded as a good economic support. Our dreams are shiny future