President Message

WWelcome to Charmo University, one of the public universities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Charmo University is founded in Chamchamal town. This university is named Charmo as Charmo is the name of one of the most ancient agricultural villages in the world which lies 11 kilometers to the east of Chamchamal town. Even though it is relatively a new university, but it has developed thoroughly in terms of science and scientific advancements. It aims to develop the area economically and socially and meet people’s high expectations about the role of university. It also aims to make the area the pioneer of a new economic revolution to develop the Kurdish society in general, and Chamchamal town and its suburbs in particular; similar to Charmo village role in the past that was the pioneer of invention and agricultural revolution. At Charmo University, student is the centre of learning and everything is done to develop their potentials. Many high levelled and distinguished instructors are recruited here and up to date curricula are utilized and adopted. Charmo University continuously has good relationships with the other high ranked universities outside Kurdistan and Iraq; that is for bridging the curricula with the outside world and taking benefit from their academic and scientific experiences. Since the day I was appointed as the president of the university, my aim has always been directing the university towards the job market and promoting our students’ capacities to meet the market needs in terms of industry, trade and other sectors in Kurdistan region of Iraq. Accordingly, with the support of Kurdistan Regional Government and consultation of Ministry of Higher Education, we have a plan to open new colleges and departments in the University of Charmo. These will take place basing on the students’ future needs and market needs in a way that students, after graduation, have clear visions about the fact that the aim of the university was developing students’ potentials to develop the economy of the community and utilize the students’ capacities on that path. Moreover, we do not consider university only to be a place for teaching and learning, but we work hard on developing the environment and creating a place where students feel relaxed and are able to follow their hobbies and wills in terms of social life, art and sport. We try to create a strong link between students and university in a way that our children (students) have a sense of belonging to their university and feel at home. Dear students, Instructors and administrative staff at Charmo University are keen on providing you with the best services possible. They work selflessly to develop your potentials and capacities so that, in the future, you will get armed with required knowledge and information in a way that you get jobs easily and your employers and surroundings be proud of you. We want you sharpen eyes and knowledge, so, in the future, you can work with the sense of loyalty to enhance yourselves and your co-workers’ capacities. We all need to roll up our sleeves to find suitable solutions for the problems that our community suffers from in Kurdistan Region. We all need to strive to raise the name of Kurdistan in the international community through enhancing our economy and self-awareness. In conclusion, thanks to all those who had roles in opening this university and salute and hats off to the martyrs and their family who victimized themselves for Kurdistan since opening Charmo University is the outcome of their efforts, while its protection and development is our duty.